Chapter IV - The Conductor

On a cold and rainy night, in a small bar at the end of town, three people are harboring dark and terrible secrets.  With murderous intentions simmering to a boil, all the secrets are about to come out.    

Chapter III - What Hides Within

Having seemingly found a safe haven in a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors awake to a potential danger. As they confront their worst fears, the group's courage, tenacity, and overall will to survive is pushed to the limits.

Chapter II - Relic

A group of adventure seeking friends find a mysterious shop full of ancient collectibles and unique relics.  What they don't know is this shop is the home for many unspeakable terrors ... and the keeper of the items is not someone who tolerates disrespect

Chapter I - Possession

A young woman and a priest are secluded together, as the priest works to exorcise the demon within her. Their unknown circumstances leave many questions. Is she actually possessed? Has the priest held her against her will? Or is a demon within her toying with them both?

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